This page will be dedicate to my interests, witch are computers, digital video, etc. Right now most of my time I spend on dual G4 with Mac OS X, great system. Also I have Linux Slackware on my home server. This website is hosted by and They run NetBSD. Also they support PHP, so this is great time for me to learn Hypertext Preprocessor. Stay tuned for updates.

Questions and comments you can send to: ksnider1 (at) sdf (dot) lonestar (dot) org

Here is my GPG pub key

Here are some screenshots of my linux desktop watching CSI:Miami, it is HDTV rip to SVCD I made.

Here are some screenshots of my dual G4 desktop.

Here is dmesg from OpenBSD 3.5 I installed on my dual G4.

Defcon 11 August 1 2003 Too bad I wont be there this year.

Linux on my xbox rev. 1.2 :). I used OzXBios_2.12dev and Ed's Xbox Debian GNU/Linux.

dmesg on my xbox.

lspci on my xbox.

lspci more detail.

dmesg on Slothbox. (Linux for the XBox, based on Slackware). I used X2.4977 bios.

Penguicon 2, April, 2004, SCO open discussion panel with Maddog, Eric Raymond.

Some HDTV 720p screens of "Alias".

Oct 23 2005,
eLife, polish tv show about podcasting. It was recorded and encoded with xvid and ogg codec on Linux. It's dead links now.
Same eLife show but encoded with h.264 using QuickTime. New iPOD ready @ 320x240. It's dead link now

Trusted Computing, Very cool video, I encourage everyone to watch it. You can find more info here: and

Jan 3 2006,
site is dead

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